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  Summer Reading 

English 1 20-21 calendars


June 29, - elementary

Listen to Ms. Philips read “Word Collector” by Peter H. Reynolds: #SummerAdventure

June 30 - elementary

“Flossie and the Fox” was written by Patricia McKissack but you can listen to Ms. Lugo, from Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts read it to you. #SummerAdventure

July 1 – all?

We are all doing a lot of virtual activities these days and that includes taking virtual tours. Visit the SC State House here:, then pop over to check out The Hunley: and you should still have time to pop over to see The USS Yorktown:

WHEW! That is a lot of SC history in one #SummerAdventure

July 2 - all

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what would you say to me if you could talk at all?


Giving human characteristics to something nonhuman is called personification. The walls spoke, the rain raged and the wind howled. All of these are examples of personification. Practice your skills using the Mirror, Mirror creative writing prompt, then share your work with a friend or family member. Write about what your mirror would say if it started talking back to you! #SummerAdventure.

July 3 – middle/high

Learn to draw with the Art Club videos.Click the link to one of these fun tutorials and once you've finished your drawing: research facts about it and describe your drawing like you would in an advertisement or speech bubble.

Fast race car:

Police car

Bugatti Race Car

Fortnite Ice King



July 4 - all

In her book, “When Green Becomes Tomatoes, Poems for All Seasons” Julie Fogliano collection of poems celebrates the charming joys of seasons. Read "July 10" aloud several times. Act out or create an illustration for the poem. Explore other poems by Julie or other authors written about different seasons: #SummerAdventure

July 5

Who doesn't love a good quote? #CatInTheHat #SummerAdventure

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