Emergency Information

Beaufort County School District Information Hotline: 1-877-527-4200 (In the event of school closing, the individual schools will post a recording with school closing and reopening).

You can track the storm online:

Official school closings will be announced on local radio stations. Please monitor more than one station for announcements.

Fire Drills
State law requires fire drills once each month.  A buzzer is the signal for a fire drill.  When the buzzer sounds, students are to form a line quickly and go single file to the exit designated by the teacher.  Doors and windows should be closed.  

Students are requested to move quickly and quietly, but without running or pushing.  Drills may occur at any time of the day.  Upon completion of the drill, on voice command, students should return to their classes.  Fire drill information is posted in each classroom.  Consequences for inappropriate behavior during any drill are severe.  HHIMS takes fire drills as a serious exercise in maintaining the safety of students and staff.

Tornado Drills  
Tornado drills are held several times during the school year.  Instructions are posted in each classroom. 

Lock Down  
In the event of an emergency that requires our school or campus to go into "lock down mode", student will be secured under teacher supervision according to the school's Crisis Management Plan.

All drills are practiced on a regular basis during the school year.