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The Beaufort County School District has approved the adoption of course progressions, transitions, and implementation of credit bearing high school courses for the implementation of South Carolina State Standards, in Math, Science, English, and Related Arts classes at the middle school level. For complete information on middle school course descriptions, grading policies, other programs, and criteria for AP placements, download the 2022-23 Middle School Course Catalog.

All students are required to develop an Individual Graduation Plan beginning in the eighth grade. A framework for curriculum planning helps students and parents to design an appropriate Individual Graduation Plan. Elements of an effective framework include: high expectations for all students, course content based on standards, a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for college study or the increasingly technologic work environment and high student engagement in learning. Careful consideration should be given by each parent and student in planning the appropriate curriculum for his/her career aspirations and for education beyond high school.

Course Descriptions

English/Language Arts

All Language Arts instruction addresses the expectations of the State Standards. The standards document covers all aspects of reading literary and informational texts; word study, including Greek and Latin stems; writing process and products, including editing and revising; and accessing information through inquiry


In grades 6 - 8, students extend their understanding and proficiency in all areas of mathematics. The courses are organized according to the Standards for Mathematics and describe the mathematical knowledge, skills, and conceptual understandings students are expected to master. The content in each course includes those proficiencies that all students must demonstrate as they move forward in order to be college and career ready.


Science is a way of understanding the physical universe using observation and experimentation to explain natural phenomena. Science also refers to an organized body of knowledge that includes core ideas to the disciplines and common themes that bridge the disciplines. Students will engage in scientific and engineering practices as a means to learn about the specific topics identified for their grade levels and courses. All middle school science courses are correlated to South Carolina Academic Standards and Performance Indicators for Science.

Social Studies

Social Studies is an interdisciplinary subject, incorporating five fields of learning - geography, history, economics, government, and culture - to promote civic competence. Within each school program, social studies courses provide a systematic approach to help our students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. All courses address the South Carolina Social Studies Academic Standards and literacy skills are introduced, applied, and reinforced within the framework of the social studies program.