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HHIMS Traffic Patterns

PIcture of traffic patterns for HHIMS. These are to be followed for car riders and/or walkers.

6th Grade Car Rider-Red Line:

6th grade students are dropped off and picked up on the sidewalk in the front of the school. Traffic flows in a one-way pattern entering the front parking area, continuing on the right across the front of the school, and exiting left only onto Wilborn Road toward 278.  This line can be accessed from Wilborn Road via 278.

7th/8th Grade Car Rider-Blue Line:

-7th and 8th grade students are dropped off and picked up on the sidewalk along the side parking lot behind 7th grade hall. Traffic flows in a one-way pattern entering from Wilborn near the high school bus entrance, moving through the rear of the parking lot, continuing along the sidewalk, and exiting right only onto Wilborn toward Gum Tree. This line can be access from School Road via 278 or Gum Tree. 

General Car Rider Policies:

 If you are using car transportation and only have a child in one grade level, please use the pickup line designated for their grade. This helps balance the traffic impact on each line. If you have children in multiple grades you may pick up all students at whichever car line you designate.

Car Rider Arrival:

Students may not be dropped off before 8:15 unless they are enrolled in before school care. Students should be dropped off by 8:40 to ensure timely arrival to 1st period. The school does monitor tardiness and repeated tardiness to any class, including first period, will results in disciplinary consequences.  Students enrolled in before school care may be dropped of between 7:15 and 8:15. No area of campus is supervised before 7:15 AM and only the designated before school care area is supervised between 7:15 and 8:15. Parents may not drop off students at unsupervised times or locations and the school is not responsible for students who arrive on campus before the scheduled drop-off time.

Car Rider Dismissal:

The car rider lines begin to fill at 3:00 PM and often extend significantly down Wilborn Road blocking all but emergency access until the line clears. For this reason and to limit disruptions, students may not be picked up for early dismissal after 3:00 PM. Pull up as far as you can in the pick-up area. Students should identify their vehicles as they arrive and wait to enter vehicles until they have pulled up and stopped in car rider pick-up area. Please notify the student and the school in advance if someone different will be picking up your child. Only persons permitted in the student’s powerschool record may pick-up students. For the safety of our students it is important that you only exit in the designated direction. Do not attempt to cut through a different car line or the bus area when leaving.

Buses – Green Line:

Be sure students are at the bus stop before the scheduled pickup time. Buses generally arrive at school before 8:15 and students enter school at 8:15. Students are responsible for knowing their bus number and reporting to their bus when it is called for dismissal. A bus board located at the exit near the cafeteria will also list buses that have arrived.

General Bus Policies

Students who need to ride a different bus than usual or ride a bus for the first time will need to get a bus pass. This should be done early in the day and not close to dismissal time. Since some funding for buses comes from federal sources, students are currently required to wear a mask on the bus based on federal guidance. They will not be permitted to board without a mask properly worn. Bus riders should bring a clean mask from home each day for use to and from school on the bus. The school code of conduct extends to buses and bus stops.