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Attendance Information

South Carolina law, as stated in the 1984 Education Improvement Act, requires that all students be in attendance 85 out of 90 days for a semester course or 170 out of 180 days for a year-long course. Any student who fails to meet this attendance requirement by having more than 10 days absences from a class may not be eligible to receive credit in that class.

Please submit any updates to home/mailing address and telephone numbers to the school's data specialist.

Signing In

Students are expected to be on time for school and class each day.  Students who arrive late must obtain an admit slip from the attendance office before going to class.  Students who arrive late will be given an excused tardy under the following conditions:

  • Students arrive at school on a late school bus

  • Medical office visits

Signing Out

Students may not leave school early unless a parent/guardian signs them out.  Students may be signed out of school during class changes only. Students will not be dismissed from a class at any other time except for an extreme emergency. The procedure is necessary in order to conform to state law concerning class disruptions.  Students who miss at least four periods will be counted absent for the day.

If a student has an appointment scheduled, he or she should bring a note from the parent, have it approved in the office, and show it to the teacher at the beginning of class, and then leave quietly at the necessary time without disturbing class and report to the office where the parent of guardian will sign out the student. Students will not be released for early dismissal after 3:00pm.

If a person is not listed as an emergency contact we will not release your child to go with that person. An accepted photo ID must be presented at time of sign out.


Lawful Absences
Students who are ill and whose attendance in school would endanger their health or the health of others may be excused from attendance.  (A PHYSICIAN’S STATEMENT MAY BE REQUIRED).

Students may be excused from attendance if there is a serious illness or death in their immediate family.

Chronic or extended illness requires a certification of the illness from a physician or other health care provider. The statement must be presented to the school at the time of registration or immediately following the medical diagnosis. Such statement will become a part of the student’s health file and will be placed in the permanent record. All absences in excess of ten days must be approved by the principal.

Absences as detailed below will be considered as lawful.

Early Dismissal for Competitive Events
Only for school sponsored competitive events may students miss class and these lawful absences are not to exceed five days during the school year. A signed parent form is required if a coach is signing out a student. Proper ID is still required.

In- school suspensions will not count as absences. Out-of-school suspensions will count as lawful absences and count against the maximum ten days allowed.

Routine Scheduled Visits for Dental/Medical/Mental Health
Students who require routine periodic visits to their orthodontist, dentist, physician, mental health specialist, health department specialist and other health-related professionals should schedule their appointments at times other than instructional time. If such visits are required during the school day, they should be scheduled at varying times.  Lawful absences for these purposes are not to exceed five days during the school year.

Late Buses
Students who are late to school due to the tardy arrival of school buses will not be counted absent or tardy.

Court Appearances
Student absences resulting from required court appearances will be considered as lawful, provided that a statement is received from the court authority.

Unlawful Absence
An unlawful absence is defined as a student’s willful absence from school without the knowledge of the parents or a student’s absence from school by parent’s choice.

Family vacations and trips during the school year will be considered as unlawful absences.
We recognize that parents will from time to time take students from school for personal or family reasons that are not excused by State or County policy. To enhance communication and awareness between teachers, administrators and parents, when a parent elects to plan an absence (unexcused) for a student it will require Principal approval in order for the student to receive any credit for missed work. Principals may acknowledge such absences at their discretion for the purpose of allowing students to receive and complete missed work. In order to receive consideration of an unexcused absence from the principal, parents must complete the following:

  1. The Extended Absence Request Form must be submitted at least one week prior to the first day of the absence.

  2. Upon receipt of the Principal’s approval, the parent must request make-up work from the student’s core subject teachers (48 hours prior to the departure). If a student will miss classroom lessons or activities that cannot be covered on his or her own with alternative materials, the parent will be advised of the learning gaps that will occur. There is no expectation that the teacher bears responsibility for supporting private or alternative instruction arrangements.

  3. In order to receive credit, all make-up work is due on the first day the student is scheduled to return to school. Students may also make up missed quizzes or tests upon their return, either during regular class time or after school at each teacher’s discretion. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not receive credit for their work.

  4. It is recognized that attendance in school is critical and it is not always possible for missed lessons and activities to be completed outside of class and teacher direction. A student may receive a zero grade for such assignments.